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MTHFR-1298 RQ Kit

Detection of MTHFR Mutation (A1298C)

MTHFR stands for Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase which is a key regulatory enzyme in folate and homocysteine metabolism. Since, the C677T and A1298C variants show reduced activity (30-65% and 15-30% respectively), these polymorphisms are among the most important genetic determinants of plasma total homocysteine. Due to their influence on homocysteine metabolism, they have been linked to several complex disorders including arterial thrombosis, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, neural tube defects, several types of cancer, adverse drug interactions and osteoporosis though, findings are still controversial. Depending on the ethnic background up to 50% of population may carry the variant allele of MTHFR.

MTHFR-1298 TM kit provides a ready-to-use Real-Time PCR system for detection of A1298C mutation with Rotor-Gene or StepOne machines.



Advantages of MTHFR1298 RQ Kit    

Ready to Use

The MTHFR1298 RQ Mix contains all necessary reagents for Real-Time PCR and is ready to use; no further reagent or mixing is required. Reactions are prepared simply by addition of the mix directly to the tubes followed by the sample DNA. Results can be viewed in Scatter Graph by Allelic Discrimination Analysis.

Internal Control

Either of sample alleles may function for internal control as any sample should be positive for one or both of mutant and wild type allels. Therefore, the main reaction ensures quality of patient sample and DNA extraction and also prevents false negative results by PCR inhibition or setup errors.

Quality Control

mix & controls of MTHFR1298 RQ Kit are manufactured in batches, and each series is distributed only after passing Quality Control tests for Specificity, Sensitivity, and Accuracy.

 Easy & Quick Setup

kit contains a template file for quick and easy setup of the Real-Time PCR instrument and no need to go through time taking manual setting, also reducing setup errors.

Kit Contents Kit contains MTHFR1298 RQ Mix, MM Positive control, WM Positive control, WW Negative control, PCR grade water, manual and a CD with template file. Packaging Kit is available as 24, 48 and 96 reactions of 25µl volume. Technical Support Technical support team is always available via phone or email. The team may also visit your lab for training or troubleshooting.


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