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Quantitative Detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus RNA

Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a retrovirus with 2 strands of RNA as genome, each about 9.7 kb. Infection with this virus, affects the immune system and over the time leads to Aqcuired Immunodeficiency Syndrom (AIDS). There are two types of HIV, HIV-1 and HIV-2. Most of world wide cases are due to HIV-1, while HIV-2 is mostly limited to West Africa. According to WHO, about 40 million people are infected with HIV world wide. Currently there is no cure for HIV but, with ART, patients may have a long and healthy life.

HIV RQ kit provides a ready-to-use One-Step Real-Time RT-PCR system for detection and quantitation of HIV-1 RNA (Group M subtypes A-H; and Group N) with Rotor-Gene or StepOne machines. Currently the Real-Time RT-PCR provides very high sensitivity and widest dynamic range among other methods.


Advantages of HIV RQ Kit

Ready to Use

The HIV Mix contains all necessary reagents for Real-Time PCR and is ready to use; no further preparation or mixing is required. Reactions are prepared simply by addition of the mix directly to the tubes followed by the sample DNA. Results can be viewed in FAM/Green channel.

 Internal Control

PCR mix contains also specific DNA that is detected by a second probe in VIC/Yellow channel. Internal Control prevents false negative results by PCR inhibition or setup errors.

 Quality Control

HIV standards & mix are manufactured in batches, and each series is distributed only after passing Quality Control tests for Specificity, Sensitivity, Accuracy and Precision.

 Easy & Quick Setup

The kit contains a template file for quick and easy setup of the Real-Time PCR instrument and no need to go through time consuming process of manual setting, also reducing setup errors.

Kit Contents
Kit contains HIV Mix, 4 quantitation standards, PCR grade water, manual and a CD with template file.
Kit is available as 24, 48 and 96 reactions of 25µl volume.
Technical Support
Technical support team is always available via phone or email. The team may also visit your lab for training or troubleshooting.

HIV RQ Manual
HIV RQ Quick Guide
HIV RQ RotorGene Templates
HIV RQ StepOne Templates


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